Tower Tenaga Angin yang Berputar (DUBAI)

A new and bizarre building is coming to the skyscraper bejeweled landscape of Dubai. In Dubai, home to one of the world’s most impressive skylines and many of the world’s tallest skyscrapers (Emirates Towers, the Burj Dubai, the Palm Islands and the world’s tallest, and most expensive hotel, the Burj Al Arab), big buildings are not unusual. However, the dynamic tower is anything but your average big building.

While those stats are impressive but not unusual, the construction approach is where things start to get weird. First the building is composed of a series of prefabricated units. Between each floor are arrays of wind turbines. The energy from these turbines is used to allow each unit to rotate on whim, creating an organic design in motion.

Explains Fischer, “You can adjust the shape the way you like every given moment. It’s not a piece of architecture somebody designed today and that’s it. It remains forever. It’s designed by life, shaped by time.”

If the tower’s unique design attracts you, perhaps the sky-high price tag may turn you off. If you want to buy an apartment in the tower, you will pay $3,000 per square foot, making the apartments range from $4M USD to $40M USD.

The tower will be completed in 2010 according to plans. Those looking to experience the rotating design may soon find it coming to their own content. Fischer claims to be in advanced talks to place a second similar tower in Moscow, Russia, and says he plans to put one in New York. He also claims Canada, Europe and South Korea have all expressed interest in the design.

Some are critical of Fischer’s plans. While he is a well-respected architect, he has never built a skyscraper before. They wonder if his Roarkian quest can really succeed, despite his experienced staff of engineers and architects from the United Kingdom and India.

Fischer has received a development license from Dubai, but is being secretive about the construction site. The Moscow mayor’s office says it is considering the project and that no official decision has been made.

The architecture style of Fischer is truly radical — he advertises prefabricated architecture as the “future of architecture”. Prefab architecture allows for faster, more environmentally friendly construction, allowing a floor to be put up in only 7 days, much faster than normal.

He said that the method will allow him to cut the construction crew from the typical 2,000 or more members to a modest 600 workers and 80 technicians. Fischer states on the Dynamic website, “It is unbelievable that real estate and construction, which is the leading sector of the world economy, is also the most primitive.”

“Most workers throughout the world still regularly use trowels that was first used by the Egyptians and then by the Romans. Buildings should not be different than any other product, and from now on they will be manufactured in a production facility.”

The new project should provide an intriguing look at one vision of the future of architecture. If it succeeds, it will be one more crown jewel for Dubai, which has the world’s largest mall, the world’s largest snow park, and soon to the be the world’s largest hotel (and temporarily the world’s largest building) when the Burj is complete in 2009. Dubai has strong oil profits, large international investment, and strong immigration to thank for this good fortune.

Architects from the New York-based architect David Fisher’s Dynamic Group have announced plans for the new tower in Dubai. The tower will be 420 m tall at its time of completion making it among the tallest projects in the world it will also be 80 stories tall.

Tower Tenaga Angin yang Berputar

Arkitek berasal dari Italia David Fischer membuat Dynamic Tower Skyscraper yang tiap 80 lantainya akan berputar melalui perintah suara (voice).

Fischer menginginkan desain ruang dimana Anda bisa menikmati matahari terbit dan tebenam dari ruang yang sama. Putarannya akan memakan waktu 3 jam dan ditenagai oleh panel-panel surya dan 79 turbin angin, dengan satu turbin yang ditempatkan di antara tiap lantai. Hampir seluruh strukturnya dibuat secara off-site. (Sumber)

Penbangunan ini dirancang akan selesai pada akhir 2010.

Bagaimana agaknya 20 tahun akan datang ek?

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